Family Portrait

I have been so privileged, and busy, in the last month rebranding my photography work, drumming up and getting photo jobs, I’ve hardly had any time to blog! Where I’m at right now is exciting and nerve wracking and I feel like I’m hand ploughing a football sized field with my never ending list of […]

Camera Shy

How to get people comfortable in front of a camera is a real skill. Even though I’ve photographed hundreds of people there are just some folk who cannot make eye contact with a lens; are so self conscious their discomfort is written all over their face and it … well… spoils the photo or while […]

To Leibovitz or not to Leibovitz

I read today there will be an Annie Leibovitz exhibition starting next week at West Palm Beach, FL (details below) and it got me thinking about portrait photography. Leibovitz is a master in this field of course with a trail of dream jobs and celebrity/VIP subjects behind her long, long, successful career and I’m a […]