A bright Autumn morning this week in a field near the Barrington Tops, New South Wales, Australia revealed a world of webs strung with dew beads like fragile chandeliers… … entangled in chaos and a spiral of order … … hidden in long grasses … … abandoned … … bejewelled … … a lattice […]


This week was the anniversary of Apollo 12’s launch to fly to the moon and the second NASA mission to land on the moon’s surface. Whether you believe it ever happened or not, the moon is still full of mystery and beauty. If you’re not just content to gaze and photograph, you can be a […]

Desert Night

Desert Night A cocoon of lamp light draws a line into the sand with its bright fringe to mark A Boundary for the roaring, slithering wilderness of Night. Only the stars above trustworthy and still are allowed to stare down from giddy heights with their luminous eyes into the haven. Sometimes We watch them fall […]