St Augustine

If you’re looking for a place that offers endless opportunities for a photographer, check out St Augustine in central Florida. The oldest settlement in the USA, it predates Columbus, founded by the Spanish 450 years ago. Back then it was the perfect launch site for shipping Incan gold, sugar and a bevvy of other booty […]

Monet’s Gator

I wonder if Claude Monet had alligators in his garden at Giverny where he painted some of his most famous and stunning impressionistic views of the ponds there, would he have painted them a little like this Gator spotted today at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands at Delray Beach Florida? That, and Green Cay Nature Center a […]

Camera Shy

How to get people comfortable in front of a camera is a real skill. Even though I’ve photographed hundreds of people there are just some folk who cannot make eye contact with a lens; are so self conscious their discomfort is written all over their face and it … well… spoils the photo or while […]

Quiet Waters

Another week over. This lovely scene can be found at Quiet Waters park, near Deerfield Beach, South Florida. It was my first visit on Saturday. Not hard to see where the name comes from!! Sunset heaven.