Sunset Lookout

This image is probably not what you were expecting with a title Sunset Lookout. Surprise! The location IS called Sunset Lookout and it does offer a bird’s eye view over an expanse of valley which is a little bit mesmirising don’t you agree? There’s a rest stop between Phoenix and Tucson Arizona where I shot […]

Haunting Stones

What a week, and it’s only Tuesday!! I’m posting this pic for a bit of fun, to wind down from a particularly challenging day and to play with my new ‘toy’… HDR (High Dynamic Range) Software called Photomatix. I first read about it on the Stuck in Customs blog by Trey Ratcliff ( His work […]


This week was the anniversary of Apollo 12’s launch to fly to the moon and the second NASA mission to land on the moon’s surface. Whether you believe it ever happened or not, the moon is still full of mystery and beauty. If you’re not just content to gaze and photograph, you can be a […]

St Augustine Again

I mentioned in my last post that St Augustine in Florida, USA, is pretty much a photographers dream… and supported my claim with just one photo. 🙂 What can I say… I’m a practising Minimalist! Here are a few more snaps of this fascinating location. I hope you enjoy. The Castillo de San Marcos National […]