Fragile Fundamental

I watched an excellent documentary a couple of nights ago, narrated by Meryl Streep, called Wings of Life (, about the ingenious ways flowers lure winged creatures (birds, bees, bats and butterflies) to spread their pollen. The macro photography is astonishing (there are shots from inside the flowers … hats off ¬†to cinematographer!) and this […]

Birds on a Wire

Can you tell I’m very into Brooke Shaden’s 3 day workshop at the moment on CreativeLive? Her overall theme is beauty in darkness. My photo is humble nothing compared to her artistry but in tribute to the brilliant teachings she’s imparting¬†I thought I’d post this image shot in Australia last year of sparrows on a […]

Quiet Waters

Another week over. This lovely scene can be found at Quiet Waters park, near Deerfield Beach, South Florida. It was my first visit on Saturday. Not hard to see where the name comes from!! Sunset heaven.