This is a dear friend of mine who I photographed in Florida last year. A woman of many talents she's a multi Tae Kwon Do black belt and instructor extraordinaire, belly dancing delight and in short just way too much fun bundled into one person. She recently asked me for some photos I took on [...]

Family Portrait

I have been so privileged, and busy, in the last month rebranding my photography work, drumming up and getting photo jobs, I've hardly had any time to blog! Where I'm at right now is exciting and nerve wracking and I feel like I'm hand ploughing a football sized field with my never ending list of [...]

Merry Christmas

Christmas ad

Well there goes my Sunday morning, but all for a good cause. I shot this ad for a motorsports gear/helmet bag (yes, pretty random) in my lounge room this morning and with a quick rework in photoshop (while making the kids breakfast, nursing a sick hubby and refereeing the sibling disagreements.. aaaaggghh!!) here's the end [...]

True Blue vs Stars and Stripes

Hi All. I wanted to share an article I wrote recently for a magazine distributed in my home district in Australia. The magazine is called the Dubbo Weekender. The article is about raising my Australian children in American culture and some of the challenges we face. Click on the link see my pics and read the [...]

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