Hugo’s Spring

The Arizona desert is bright with yellow daubs of colour where wild flowers grow. The skies are the bluest blue. Spring is definitely here. There's a lot of hope in Spring, don't you think? Even the colour yellow... it's warm, inviting and fun. Fresh and bright. Full of promise. There's probably few people on Earth [...]

Sunset Walk

There's nothing more meditative... and relaxing... than wandering in silence at sunset ... as the changing light transforms everything around you ... turning what is washed out in the brightness of day ... to deep hues... sharper edges ... and glow from the inside out... and then comes the night.

24 months

Apparently I started my blog 2 years ago (thanks for the reminder wordpress!). One of the most exciting parts of blogging is to get feedback from followers and non-followers alike, to be able to make that connection with like-minded people and gain inspiration from their work through that connection. Things are really busy for me [...]

Sunset Lookout

This image is probably not what you were expecting with a title Sunset Lookout. Surprise! The location IS called Sunset Lookout and it does offer a bird's eye view over an expanse of valley which is a little bit mesmirising don't you agree? There's a rest stop between Phoenix and Tucson Arizona where I shot [...]

Fushcia Sunrise

The day started with a very hue this morning, covering everything on the verandah, the railing, the chairs, the plants in a dreamy shade of pink looking more like a sunset. I hope the sun shone on you today.

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