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Hello, my name is Yvette Aubusson-Foley and I am the founder and director of YAF Media.


Serving you with crafted words for your SME, corporate enterprise or organisation is what YAF Media does best with guaranteed excellence in writing, proofing, editing, original designs for social media, even portrait, business and product photography.

I offer support for your copywriting, public relations, B2B and media relations needs by assisting you to create blog posts, media releases, articles, Power Point presentations, white papers, Tweets and Facebook posts as well as content for collateral such as your website, brochures, flyers, ebooks, and more.

I can also proof* read existing text to refresh your content and/or check for errors before it goes live.

My experience in publishing and journalism spans two decades in Australia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the USA where I’ve held various roles including opinion writer, news reporter, journalist, features writer, sub-editor, proof reader, editor, public relations account manager and ghost writer.

My exceptional research skills guarantee I can create content for you which is current and useful to your clients and/or customers. Quickly understanding their needs through fast, in-depth research is a well practiced strength and achievable for just about any industry and issue.

Increasingly I am asked to assist with online content, writing blogs and creating posts for Facebook business pages (including graphics, photographs and design). Having a presence online in today’s market is essential but extremely challenging if your SME or startup budget doesn’t allow for full-time support. Talk to me about what I can do to match what you can or would like to invest.

Your first consultation is free.

I am always looking for relevant opportunities to collaborate.

Please see my price list here.

Yours in writing


* Proofreading cleans up grammar, punctuation and obvious spelling errors. Editing is proofreading on steroids. It can involve rewriting copy to choose the best language, words or phrases which bring out the absolute best in the message or story you’re trying to tell.