Sunset Lookout

Sunset Lookout

This image is probably not what you were expecting with a title Sunset Lookout. Surprise! The location IS called Sunset Lookout and it does offer a bird’s eye view over an expanse of valley which is a little bit mesmirising don’t you agree?

There’s a rest stop between Phoenix and Tucson Arizona where I shot this. All that desert country reminds me of dusty westerns that played out in the backdrop of my childhood, so I think I was trying to go for a ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ rugged sparseness.

Hope you like the effect.

Business update: There’s a bit of a shift underway. I’m planning to separate my family portrait business from The Image Maker, in part because The Image Maker delves into so many other things like head shots for business people, reinvigorating their websites with new photos and updated copy and building new websites that I’m thinking mom’s who will primarily be booking shoots of their kids or families won’t want to get into that and I’d rather separate the messages.

I think it will work and I’ve recently discovered Marie Forleo who is quite an enigma in the world of business coaching. She leans heavily toward coaching women but I’m sure there’s more than enough great material for guys as well. Her website is

One of the biggest concepts she insists upon as a key to success is clarity. Hence my decision to give the families a page of their own with a clear straight up message.

Live and learn.

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