Pretty in Pink


Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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    1. Well even the Google God didn’t know about this one. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I covered a lot of ground on the mountain that day too, and this one small area, about 3 feet squared was the only place I saw it growing. I was looking for it because it reflects the light so beautifully. One of life’s little mysteries!


    1. Thanks Uday. Completely random shot. There was one small area not 3 feet squared where this grass was growing. And that’s it. I did not see it growing anywhere else on the mountain for the 4 hours I was hiking around up there. And yes, the shiny texture of the fine blades reflected the light just like that. It caught my eye. Thanks for commenting.


      1. Yvette, there lies the difference between looking at something and seeing something. There is so much beauty even in the most mundane things around us. The challenge is to be able to see that beauty and appreciate it:)


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