Dusty Rainbow

Dusty Rainbow

The view from my balcony! The Pusch Ridge aglow in the rust coloured rays of a desert sunset, while from the east a monsoonal storm rolls over the mountains in a wave of drama, whipping up a soup of dust to paint the downpour and a rainbow with a ruddy hue.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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    1. Thank you!!! Not sure I can take much credit for that amazing cloud formation, how the wind had conjured the dust and the timing of the sunset which threw in a rainbow but I am so glad I got to have seen, shared it and to know others get to enjoy it too. :-).


    1. I am pretty happy to wake up to those mountains every morning which come winter will have snow on them. Every day there is something a little different or as on this particular day, a lot different about them.


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