Wine bar, Old Mesilla, New Mexico, USA

Wine bar, Old Mesilla, New Mexico, USA

Old Mesilla is an historic village off the I10 in south east New Mexico. I shot this on my epic drive from Florida to Arizona this week. I have overnighted in the murder capital of the world, El Paso-Cuidad Juarez so reached Old Mesilla before any of the stores were open and the streets were empty.

The town dates back to overland trading days and is smack bang in the heart of Billy the Kid country.

Well worth turning off the freeway if you’re passing through this neck of the woods. It’s about a mile off the freeway, if that.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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  1. Yvette, sounds like you’ve been road tripping just as much as we did last summer. We went from St. Louis to Québec City, then on to NM, AZ, NV and ultimately CA. It was fantastic! Did you do any parts of Route 66?

    Your lovely shot captures the essence of New Mexico as I remember it. We really enjoyed Santa Fe. Did you make it there?


    1. I’ve touched on Route 66 many times in my road trips across America, following it extensively way back in ’97. I was writing an article for Land Rover about their then, new, Discovery so had the luxury of a press car to play with! That was fun.

      Thank you for your comment on my New Mexico pic. That is one state that is oozing character. It’s a photographers dream. Very rustic and earthy.

      On this trip I pretty much followed the I10 all the way across. My day in New Orleans has me hooked and I’ll be heading back as soon as I can. There’s so much more to the French Quarter I want to experience.

      Your travels sound fantastic. If you’re ever visiting Tucson, touch base… hopefully by then I’ll have a bit more local knowledge under my belt.


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