Desert Night

Desert Night

Desert Night

A cocoon of lamp light
draws a line into the sand
with its bright fringe
to mark
A Boundary
for the roaring, slithering wilderness of Night.

Only the stars above
trustworthy and still
are allowed to stare down
from giddy heights
with their luminous eyes
into the haven.

We watch them fall
from grace.

Joshua Tree National Park. 2012.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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  1. Yvette, what did you use for the night shot. Was it a different camera or different lens? It’s great.
    …and, yes, even some stars fall from grace, quietly, not like some humans I know.


    1. I shot it with my Canon 50D on f4 for 8 seconds. It was darker than it looks in the photo and glow in the sky was from the setting moon which had gone by the time I took the picture! Timing is everything. The lens is 18-55mm. I’m a fair way back from the camp site.. offering up myself as mountain lion food!


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