IT’S DRAGONFLY SEASON IN FLORIDA! They are irresistable to photograph but what about the Greek word to describe them? Anisoptera, from two Greek words ‘anisos’ (uneven) and pteros (wings).

I had no idea there is so much folklore associated with the dragonfly which in European earned it the nick name of the devil’s darning needle!

In Romanian folklore they are horses possessed by the devil and in Swedan the devil uses dragonflies to weigh people’s souls! How did they know that!!??!!

In Norway the name for them translates to ‘eye-poker’ and in Portugal, ‘eye-snatcher’. The Welsh called them the ‘adder’s servant’ and in American Indian culture, dragonflies are thought to heal wounded snakes. Creative.

I’ve never tried them, but apparently they can be good eating.

Guest: Waiter! There’s a dragonfly in my soup!
Waiter: It’s… Dish of the Day.

Mmmm….. Pass.


Keeping them as pets or hobbies is called Oding, after the Latin name of the Dragonfly Order, Odanata (sounds like a cult or a Japanese ninja sect).

Japan, however, probably has the same take on dragonflies as me: symbols of courage, strength, and happiness.

Of course everything I have mentioned above has been gleaned from internet sources and could in fact also be mythical so “don’t quote me!”.

Anyway, enjoy the view. Yvette

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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  1. Great Yvette. Speaking to Ness over the weekend and she is getting heaps of work from her webpage. Might even be going on a trek to Mt Kilimanjaro to take the pics. Her webpage is Ness Farmilo Photography. Get onto your local council or community websites. I am sure there are heaps there all looking for a brilliant photographer.

    Love to all



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