Eat the Source

Eat the Source

It’s my rule of thumb when eating to choose foods as close to their source as possible. That usually means buying ‘local’ product.
The images to the right and left of the glass of strawberry smoothie, are ‘before’ shots of strawberries taken at Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market near Delray Beach, Florida.
The contents in the bucket on the right were hand picked by my kids on Friday and ended up in my kitchen blender for a breakfast smoothie this morning.
Such a fun concept taking the kids to frolic in the strawberry and tomato patch, which they did… no whining for this or that chemical laden treat or cereal… just sunshine, the heady perfume of strawberries, smiles and excitement finding the biggest berry or the reddest tomato.
After the fun was over, the checkout was also a pleasant surprise minus the greedy-supermarket-shareholder-price-tag (yes, I am a cynic) and how D-licious.
Corporations sure know how to make eating and food such a sterile experience.
I got covered in dirt sitting on a hay ride behind the rear wheel of a bogged tractor; spotted alligators in an off limits part of the farm from the safety of the ride; watched bees dance between flowers, felt the sun on my face, got to take a gazillion photos, enjoyed the joy of everyone else out picking their food and relished in the looks on my children’s faces, staining their T-shirts with strawberry juice while testing their selection.
Corporate food production as the only way to feed the masses is such an illusion and Bedner’s was proof of that. It was buzzing with people.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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  1. I totally agree with all natural and as local as possible. Florida strawberries and tomatoes were always the best.
    Michigan is close enough and they have both, just not as tasty. An orange/strawberry smoothie sounds really good.


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