A picture paints 1000 words


It’s so true. Any image, be it a photograph, a painting, a sketch… it’s art imitating life, replicating life, pretending to be life, trying not to pretend… at the crux of it all, there’s a story and a good story can suck you in and strum your emotions.
What may not be clear in this image is that the child in the background is barefooted and knowing that, then image of the boots can finish the rest of the tale.
One of the key messages of any art form that is going to have any resonance with an audience (so I am learning as a writer and a photographer) is the emotion of the story that, in this case, a photo, can create.
And then it’s a very personal journey. Someone like me might look at this picture and see the humour (Australian spelling) in it and get a laugh. Someone else might see the mud as unappealing and though it might make them feel uncomfortable or even dislike the picture, it has moved them.
It’s a bankable strategy that an news broadcaster knows how to manipulate. Bad news, shocking pictures… it all gets people reacting.
Touching that emotion I think guarantees some sort of longevity too or in this day and age, it longevity could also be called ‘gone viral’. Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart for example… have really had their day but they linger on and on and on and on. Because their music can move us to tears, to dancing, to ecstasy.
You won’t feel ecstatic looking at the muddy gum boots of a child who has clearly had a good day at the office, but I’m curious to know, does this image move you at all? How? Laughter? Distaste? Boredom? Please include a link to a photo you might have on your blog that you think can move someone to feeling an emotion. I’d love to see it.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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  1. Moves me to memories of fun. I see myself at that age doing the exact same thing. The boots were only an inconvenient hindrance and I had more fun with the mud squishing between my toes. Now mud on the kitchen floor becomes a horse of a different color altogether. Loved the photo, Yvette.


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