Photographing young children is a challenge because they are unpredictable, spontaneous, lively, and sometimes can’t sit still. They can also be completely unselfconscious. They understand joie de vivre. There is quite often – not always – little bulbs of joy going off in their eyes and minds. You can pretty much give them any prop to react too and they’ll respond. I think the key is be ready for anything. In this series of pics an ice-cream took centre stage and I think the images tell the story.
Taking portraits of kids takes a certain amount of courage and a lot of patience. I think if you go into the shoot intending to have fun no matter what happens, you’ll get good results. And being funny or saying funny things definitely sets the tone.
Tragically, this week, the tone is a sombre one as far as children are concerned. I truly hope America has the courage to realise the world has moved on since the 1770s and it’s time to find relevance in it’s laws to suit a modern world and give Americans a civil right they are yet to receive – to live safe in a gun free society.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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