Morning Glory

Morning Glory

You can’t beat a beautiful sunrise to take your breath away and leave a hint of its aaahhhh moment under your skin for the rest of the day. Nor can you beat being in the right place and the right time with a camera (and being up early enough!). This shot is as it looked on a cold winter’s morning in rural New South Wales, Australia (last June). The valley was filled with fog and as the morning sun beamed through the crisp air the grasses were set on fire by its – cliche but in this case oh so true – golden rays. So where ever you are I hope you’re morning is as glorious as this one. Enjoy.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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  1. Very nice! I’m not a morning person myself but thanks to people like you, I get to see how beautiful the morning can be 🙂


    1. Thank you Stefano! I love it when viewers are moved to comment. Like I said it was a real fluke to witness such a gorgeous unfolding of a new day. So glad I had my camera with me. 🙂


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