Helmet cam

Helmet cam

There is far too much at the Kennedy Space Center, FL, to get excited over, and of course to photograph. The gravity (yeah, corny but true) of everything on display is – and literally has been – out of this world. I really liked this image of an astronaut’s helmet shot on the Saturn 5 tour. Designed for the occasional moon walk or EVA (extravehicular activity) the display lighting creates a kind of reverence or quiet around this unique object, inviting pause for thought. For one, I can never get my head around the notion that there are people today who believe people have never stood on the moon. Its an annoying assumption that human beings are simply not capable of goals so grand. Considering the technology available back then, much of which had to be invented for this sole purpose, I think we live in fortunate times that there are those out there using their creativity to its maximum potential for the common good. Over my career I’ve had the fortune of meeting the likes of Chuck Yeager (X1 pilot), Arthur C Clarke (science fiction writer) and a mix of astronauts and astronomers and appreciate there’s as much blood, sweat and tears as smarts goes into their achievements. Now the tide is turning and China’s will push the envelope with more moon exploration scheduled for next year, taking my dreams and hopes for my kids futures with every rocket launched. Do you think space exploration is a waste of time and money? Let me know.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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  1. Yvette, I really like the lighting in this photo and your thoughts on this subject. A society that stops exploring is a dead society. So, no it’s not a waste of time or money. I come from the State that lost Christa Mcauliffe and we will never know the stories she could have told and the children she would have inspired.

    Your images are unique. I’d love to read more about your approach to photography and how your classes are going. Though I’m self-taught on the technicality side of photography, I always debate whether I should pursue taking classes.


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