Tears of Venus

blog_strawberryI came across this vision of loveliness in my collection today and it got me thinking, looking so closely at a strawberry, how surprising biodiversity really is. Imagine a car with that exterior, or a lounge or a pair of shoes! And, sure in that mysterious (except to marketing executives) place of what’s coming next (The Future), a strawberry might look completely different. Will they be orange at Halloween or glow in the dark on July 4, or be grown as big as a fist and called a Strapple? At any rate, Venus must have looked a picture of loveliness (or possibly discomfort) crying strawberries for the loss of Adonis and inadvertently paving the way for the greatest smoothie of all. What troubles me is why profit has paved the way for poison. Strawberries are in the top 10 fruits requiring the most pesticides to grow them on an industrial level, it seems. The two fumigants used on soils for growing strawberries I researched from a possible 50, had alternate uses as rat poison (methyl bromide) and a toxic gas from WW1 (chloropicrin)! It’s ironic how “Organic” is treated like something new but the strawberry in the picture grew up on sunlight, water and clean garden soil, quite successfully.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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    1. Hi Christoph, THANK YOU. Great sites and no surprises I suppose. China’s growth is an inevitability but the world is/will pay a price, as students in Germany found out, and you seem to appreciate. I’m a newby in the US and haven’t researched America’s supermarket shelves properly though I know it’s a Pandora’s Box of carcinogenic delights. In Australia (my home turf), supermarket chain home brands are all Made in China. Traditional brands are being bumped to make space for home brand items in the quest for the golden calf… profit margins. Go the shareholder. Bottom line for me is if there’s no love in your food, don’t eat it and if it’s not ‘the source’ or have one degree of separation from it, it’s a stretch to be calling it food. Anyway, I could rant ad infinitum on this subject but will sign off and enjoy your links. Thanks Again. Yvette


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