Lordsburg, NEW MEXICO

Lordsburg, Arizona

If I had a bucket list it would be go back to Lordsburg with a camera, a bunch of lenses and just wander the streets, soaking up the atmosphere of a ghost town in the making.

It’s got that telegenic decay about many of it’s building, like the one pictured, an old motel, jaded with time, but wise with stories, though what a great set for a horror flick!

The sky around Lordsburg is as much a part of the town’s character, big, sometimes dangerous with Titanic sized storms.

Blink it and you’d miss it, but I’d go back in a heart beat to get more images.

Published by Yvette Aubusson-Foley


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      1. Pfffft!!! That’s a bit of a geospatial botch up. Surprisingly I was there at the time taking that photo, but in the space of about two years had driven across America 10 times (which means I should have known better!.. but clearly things got to be a bit of a blur.) Thanks for pointing out the gaff and glad you like the pics. So odd this is attracting comments now… and that no one noticed before this. Do you mind me asking where you came across the post recently?


  1. Why on Earth did you put Lordsburg, Arizona!!!???? It is Lordsburg, NM. I know this is from 2012, but for crying out loud, FIX IT!


    1. Thanks Elizabeth. It’s done. What a gaff!! I know I’m not the first person to rewrite the map but you’re right, this is pretty unforgiveable. I had criss crossed the US ten times by road at the time (and you’d think I would have noticed where I was but something got blurred). I lived in Arizona at the time so just a brain glitch really. Thanks for pointing it out but I’m curious, this is such an old post, where did you come across it recently?


    1. Thanks Michael. It’s updated. Thanks for pointing it out. Curious to know where it’s being seen. It’s an old post and suddenly I’m getting a bunch of comments highlighting the error. Wondering where it’s showing up all of a sudden?


  2. This is where I grew up. It’s funny how many people get offended by you mistakingly calling it Lordsburg, AZ. In your defense, it’s about 30 miles from the state line. Sadly, it’s slowly becoming a ghost town. I noticed yesterday one of the elementary schools I went to was torn down.


    1. Hi David
      Yep, how to win friends and influence people has never been my forte so I’m very good at apologising, correcting the blunder and learning to move on. Sigh. What was it like in its heyday? I often think about Lordsburg (I live in Australia now) and wish I’d had more time to wander around the town with my camera. From a photographer’s point of view the town is a treasure because of that decline, which tells so many stories about the passage of time, lost dreams, the march of progress, and all those big themes set against the backdrop of an even bigger desert sky which brings all the drama. Love it! So photogenic. If I was the mayor of Lordsburg I’d be inviting photographers once a year to town for a big competition, let them find the hidden beauty in the rusting tin and broken signs, the derelict buildings, roll out some country town charm and get a little economic boost with hotel bookings, restaurant sales, grocery purchases, etc. From their images Lordsburg could become an icon of sorts, then it would need an art gallery to hang winners entries, make post cards, build a website, let the comp grow bigger and better every year… While I may not notice what state I’m in I do see the potential in pretty much everything. Thank you for being so understanding. Have a great day.


  3. Hi Yvette,
    Sorry for the geographical avalanche. I saw your picture, which was very mood stirring, and was a familiar sight where I live. I posted the link on my Facebook group, not meaning to start anything. Loved your picture!


    1. Hi Robert
      I thought I’d replied to this … on a different device possibly but I don’t see it here, so just in case.. thanks for letting me know and no sweat about the comments. They’re right I’m wrong and I have no problem owning my mistake ’cause that’s all it is and mistakes are how we learn, right? I hope you are having a great day. Yvette


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