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Welcome to YAF Media.

I’m YAF and I create words that work, for your website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blog posts, articles, white pages, speeches, presentations, ebooks, books, advertising copy… you get the picture.

If you’ve already composed your words I can proofread or edit (yes, there is a difference*) and be that fresh pair of eyes to ‘safety net’ your words before they go into the public domain.

Oddly, no matter your message, it will be the error you made in telling it which “peopel” will remember – and probably talk about. Go figure. Clean copy is distraction-free and a powerful tool to succinctly tell your story.

My 25 year career as a news reporter, journalist, photo journalist, features writer, subeditor and editor in newspapers and magazines, and, as a public relations regional manager in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and the USA have given me thousands of hours to perfect my craft.

Let me help yours, in writing.


* Proofreading cleans up grammar, punctuation and obvious spelling errors. Editing is proofreading on steroids. It’s proofreading plus more and can involve rewriting copy to choose the best language, words or phrases which bring out the absolute best in the message or story you’re trying to tell.

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social-media-vintageSOCIAL MEDIA COACHING
Do you want to master the social media realm for your business or brand?

It’s an appealing idea to have a social media presence across many platforms potentially reaching millions of people globally but most small to medium sized businesses don’t actually need that global reach.

You probably just just want – or need – to have your brand noticed in your town, city or local region and have an online calling card when you’re attending conferences or in conversation with suppliers.

Having said that, if you want the world to be your oyster …

Social media is a noisy world and getting started can be daunting. The time to maintain your presence is often something a small or medium sized business or sole trader just doesn’t have time to spare or afford, especially if you need to contract that service out.

Yvette from YAFMedia can sit down with you (or chat via various online media) to discuss what your business can do in the social media realm, what you’d like to achieve there and how you can go about creating it and maintaining.

Yvette can help you with:

  • Social media goal setting
  • Set up
  • Artwork (ideas and actuals)
  • Photography (profile pictures, product photography)
  • Scheduling Tips
  • Pitfalls to avoid

YAFMedia’s Social Media Coaching for small to medium businesses and sole traders involves an initial Goal Setting session of 2 hours, which can be done in two separate one hour sittings to suit your schedule. This will help build a road map tailored to your specific needs.

See the pricing menu for details.

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